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2715 Grant Avenue. Bellwood, IL 60104

High-Quality Graphic Supplies for Leading Printers

With an unmatched portfolio of products, Metrocoat brings unforgettable effects for all of your products.


Who We Are

Metrocoat Graphic Supply manufactures only the highest-quality materials for the commercial printing industry. We are the pioneers in gloss/matte systems, pearl, glitter, textured, and soft feel systems. 
Whatever the printing challenges you encounter, our products are manufactured to meet your unique needs. Conventional and UV varnish, water-based coatings, UV, HUV, and LED coatings, and coatings for effect. Our materials offer an innovative vision that you will see, feel, and admire every day.
We are committed to solving your most difficult commercial printing challenges. Our products will improve printing efficiency, enhance print performance, and help produce eye-popping sheets. 
Most of all, we provide an unmatched level of customer service and expertise so you can focus on printing your best work.

Our Graphic Supply Products

Whatever effect you’re looking to create, our commercial printing products deliver quality, consistency, and durability with every project.


Overprint Varnish

Elevate your printing project with our best-selling range of subtle to glossy effects.


Special Effect Coatings

Enhance your print with special effects. Pearl, glitter, texture, and soft touch. Our special effect coatings are industry leaders.


Aqueous Coatings

Versatile and environmentally-friendly, these coatings dry fast and range from matte to satin finishes.

Let's Discuss Your Next Project

With an unmatched portfolio of products and industry expertise, we are ready to help elevate your next project. How can we help?


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Aqueous Coating Calculator

Why Choose Us


Product Quality

At Metrocoat, our printing products are uniquely formulated to bring out irreplaceable visual and tactile effects, giving your printed piece a competitive edge.


Product Consistency

Metrocoat hits a sweet spot: unparalleled access to the best materials with fast and reliable customer service.


Unmatched Customer Service

Our customers trust our team with their toughest questions and custom formulations. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to support you throughout your entire project.


Decades of Industry Experience

Metrocoat is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of pressroom products. We’ve built our trade on expertise, accountability, and long-lasting relationships within the printing industry.

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